The Rise of the EAST in KLFW Runway

While Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 (link here) was all about the 70s-revival, this year was the ASIAN INVASION. 



Not only was the spotlight taken by the asian models (Shikin, Tini, Rita sisters, Tuti), but designers also incorporated a lot of asian and oriental design elements in their collection, while maintaining a modern aesthetic.


Here are some things that I saw on the runway:


Heritage Redux


Syomir Izwa Gupta and Adila Long took inspiration from home, using their own heritage fabrics in the form of songket and batik. This was a creative way to preserve the culture and history, while modernizing by making it luxe (heritage redux)


Ministry of tourism


This year they dedicated a show on kelantanese batik by presenting works from upcoming designers, as a challenge to modernize the fabric and make it wearable, and they succeeded.


Boho Oriental


There was a flux in oriental details and prints, from the neckline to the split bottoms. Embellishments and tassels were embraced throughout to give dimension and dynamism, what was interesting was that a lot of it still has a bohemian vibe, picking up on a global trend.


Kimono Komeback



The kimono has always been everyone’s favorite asian outerwear. The classic silhouette was seen a lot on stage, but it is inspiring as designers found innovative ways of making it current again, either as an outerwear,  or use it as sleeve details, or  utilising the obi belt


Harajuku Influence


The over-the-top japan-inspired expression has made a huge presence this year (especially in Zsay), not only in clothing, but also in accessories and make up.


That little bit of INDIAN SPICE


One huge thing that I saw a lot is indian inspired design; Mosaic prints, superfluous embellishment, side draping like saris (because one shoulder has become a huge trend internationally) as well as the use of bold tones! 



50 shades of RED


Color that I am most obsessed with this season is prominent on stage! Red has a significance in the chinese culture, as it symbolizes celebration! Why not? Fashion is a celebration! 

What are your favourite trends at KLFW 2017? 

KLFW 2017: Presenting KAVA & Humaira #Bruneirepresents

A very proud moment for the Brunei fashion scene this year, as Kava and Humaira braved the stage and showed their work on the KL Fashion Week Runway.


 I’m sure this has taken a large amount of time in preparation for this competition, and to my eyes, they are winners, because they have SHOWN the world that Brunei has talent.


Kava by Siti Nazmah



Kava was expressing her vision of what modest street fashion is like. It takes skill to present an all-black collection, and she mastered it by adding sporty details, as well as mixing prints and textures into the loose-fitting design for an instant seasonal edgy update. And how could I not love the printing work at the back? Talk about #back-gasm! 





Humaira's collection went for the deconstructed design, which is a huge trend this season. She also went for a preppy anime-esque vibe with her styling! Obsessed! It is also impressive how she was able to manipulate buttoned shirts and created a draping effect. I would want to take that bodice as part of my staple collection.



Congratulations to all of you, because this is a milestone not just for you, but for our humble abode. Keep on inspiring the youth of our nation with your creativity. 


KLFW 2017 : Day 4 Street Style

Some of the best looks in fashion week can be found on the street and sidewalks. 

Day 4 was all about legit street style. The entrance of pavilion was buzzing with stylish and trendy people, waiting for their pictures to be taken. Luckily, My photographer aka Husband was on a mission to take street-style shots. 


KLFW 2017 : Cassey Gan

The inspiration behind Casey Gan’s 2017 RTW collection comes from the concept of how memories are constructed; some are forgotten, some are vivd, and details change with time, all are multi-layered. The use of layering mesh over prints, and the exploration of texture are metaphors for the complexity of memories in our minds.


One of her fondest memories are the days when she was in a marching band in primary school, so the the military-inspired band costume was a huge inspiration to her design. 

I’m just so amazed by how Casey’s mind works, how she is able to express her vision through fashion in such an intelligent and creative  way,

Vivy was decked in Cassey Gan's Runway piece. 

Vivy was decked in Cassey Gan's Runway piece. 


KLFW 2017 : Best of Day Two

Day two was also filled with collections that showcase WOMEN EMPOWERMENT and in part two, I have narrowed down my favourites.


The madness continues! Izzy and I had a full day on day two, and a crazy thing has happened to me! I lost my voice! I felt gutted about it honestly, but at least I still have pair of good eyes to appreciate the beauties strutting down the runway. Phew #counteveryblessing! 



Looking at my favorite pieces from the collection makes me feel like this is what every modern woman wants to be.


Nigel Chia

A whimsical collection. Who would have thought bug print could be elegant? Ladies, lets get quirky! 


Ana Abu

Ana Abu can do no wrong, and this time, her use of bold colors, red, as well as the subtle details on the back.



Rough - Its about the empowerment of women. Ghaania’s rough collection is definitely trying to make a statement with their daring use of design elements, mixing hard and soft details, much like how women are seen today.



As usual, their use of bold and strong colors The vibe, the music, the collection was all on point. The details, the color choices, were so bold and fun,and the embellishments were in the right places.

The collection felt like a departure from the previous collections, while still maintaining soft colors and strong design language, and you can see the playfulness that was put into the pieces as well. I struggle to choose a favorite from this collection, it should be its own post in the future.


KLFW 2017 : Day Two Favourites

The madness has started! Izzy and I had a full day on day two, and a crazy thing has happened to me! I lost my voice! I felt gutted about it honestly, but at least I still have pair of good eyes to appreciate the beauties strutting down the runway. Phew #counteveryblessing! 

Day two was filled with interesting and quirky pieces and it was a huge struggle to pick favourites! Here is part one of what I like.


Suraya really knows how to do minimalistic design while being impactful. These are staple pieces that still turn heads. I can imagine wearing them on my next travel! 


JN by Jiuan Ng

Jiuan is all about the classic look, but always taking it to the next level, and this year she was more brave in using color and texture in her collection


Zaime Zulkafli

There are a lot of things going in with his designs, but it all ended up being a fun and very innovative collection.


3 by Justin / Syomir and Nurita

A collaborative effort between Justin Yap, Syomir Izwa Gupta, and Nurita Harith. As shown in Project Runway, teamwork can make or break a collection, and in this case, the collaboration between the 3 designers made for an extraordinary collection.


Nabil Volkers

He makes street wear very high end, and makes me even more fascinated with hip hop culture.


Laguna Sydney

He knows how to do resort wear, but at the same time, knows how to mix textures, from lace, to fringe, to sequins. It was also fun to see the transition of colors in his collection as well.



Day one of Kuala Lumpur Fashion week 2017 kicks off with Fashionvalet’s #IAMHOMEGROWN show.

It is about celebrating Malaysia’s homegrown talent across multiple industries, from aviation, to food, to fashion, and entertainment. As a non-malaysian it is inspiring to see the nation appreciates its people, and realizes how they have contributed to the country’s identity and economic diversity.

I am very happy that there is a growing appreciation in the Brunei's creative industries by big corporations and with continued support, who knows how far it will take us. 


Let’s get into the fashion show; this was a showcase of the new line of streetwear by Fashionvalet, with the slogan #IAMHOMEGROWN meant to make a statement of Malaysian pride. The show was also presented very well in thanks to Min Luna’s styling of the pieces.

Here are my favorites from her styling:

1. Street Glam


I love how she paired the sequin dress with tights, and what was interesting is how one side was made short, while the other kept the slogan visible. Tying the sweater around Shikin’s waist gave it a sporty vibe.

2. That cool kid 


This has that 90s inspiration, where the shirt was made into a crop top, and the use of metallic pink makes her look a girl you want to hangout with.

3. The Edgy grecian


Finally the edgy grecian look and abit of grunge, where she made use of the lined short skirt to pair the red velvet dress with the long sleeve shirt.

Do take a look at Fashionvalet's #IAMHOMEGROWN collection and up your street style game with a good basic.


KLFW 2017 : Fashion Week Essentials

The madness of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017 is just around the corner along with its parties, shows, meetings, appointments, and obligatory OOTDs! Taking inspiration from my previous post on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, here are my essentials to survive KLFW.


Statement Block heels

I’ll be running around from show to show, and block heels are a good balance of dressing to impress while being comfortable.


Laneige Sun Cushion

Your makeup game must be on, and this cushion acts as a perfect base while still protecting your skin against the hot KL sun


trenchcoat for rainy days

KL weather is unpredictable, and if it rains, I have to ensure that I stay ootd-ready


Cool Shades

Perfect for hiding raccoon eyes from long nights, and shades complete the look, rain or shine.



For your ootds, and taking pictures of the show, while I update my instagram stories, lucky I married one!


Jamu Tun Teja

You want to be at your best throughout the day, so this is a life saver that not only boosts your energy, but also takes care of your well being.



It's KL. Nuff said

What are your Fashion Week Survival Kit? 



Malaysia Tourism: Kiehl's Wall Mural in Malacca

Whether you’re looking for street art or an OOTD wall, this vibrant painted mural must be part of your collection!


As a celebration of Malaysia’s rich heritage, Kiehl’s actually made their own mural in Jonker Street, with the help of an artist named @fritilldea. The brand launched the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE TRAIL last year aimed to bring awareness on the 5 UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. 


Malacca, known for its historical splendor and rich multicultural society, is part of the five sites. The city had started this river art project as a way to beautify the city, and yet still maintains their old-world charm.


So, they add brightly painted mural on old and rundown buildings to eventually make the place as a trend-setting destination. 



The Kiehl wall is exotic, vibrant and cultural and for sure add a relaxing vibe to the Malacca river! The landmark exist to showcase a significant storyline between the past and the present. This sure is an inspiration to what our country should be striving for. 



As for my outfit of the day, I made sure I add a pop of color to contrast with the location! Yellow also symbolizes my beloved country, Brunei!