5 reasons why I need BAIDURI VISA PLATINUM

5 reasons why I need  BAIDURI VISA PLATINUM

Thanks to popular media like ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, people often feel scared to own and use a credit card. When I was told I would need to use one, I feared for my savings.

I read article after article on how to be a responsible credit card user, and after a few trips with it, its become my new best friend (sorry husband!).


Let me tell you why I love having my baiduri Visa Platinum credit card.

It is enjoyable shopping experience.


 I remember the first time i used the card at Coffee Bean, I was really impressed with how easy it is to wave to pay for my green tea latte, and getting the instant notification of my purchase gave me a sense of security. And Hey, it is a great way to track your spending and manage your finances.



I am soooooo glad that I don’t have to kung-fu grip a bag full of money anymore while I’m on a business trip. On top of that, the card is there when you need them. I don’t have to worry about withdrawing enough to cover your emergency crisis. (but don’t forget to pay off the balance in time)

Hello Airport Retreat


Bye-bye airport floor! With a visa platinum card, I get up to 6 complementary lounge visits at airports world wide. No longer do I dread the boredom of waiting in an airport, I can get to working on the next jeeradoesfashion article on the go, feeling well rested, comfortable and well fed.

For more, on how to survive your transit, https://instagram.com/p/BcCXjYhgvAi/

Get rewarded for spending


Don’t take this as an excuse to overspend, but it sure is nice that to be rewarded with freebies like meals, spa sessions and royal sky miles with their Instant Reward Programme; 

let me explain:

The points you earn from spending with your baiduri card can be converted into cash value, which can be redeemed at participating shops that display the Baiduri Instant Reward Logo. Bonus: the points do not expire!

Extra Special Prizes.


Until the end of this month, you stand a chance to win a curated trip for 2 to Paris, Maldives, or Tokyo, for every $100 BND that you spend with your baiduri card. You get TWICE the number of chances if you spend with platinum visa card.


Added travel security.


Two years ago, we spent a fortune on medical bill in Tokyo when Ilyas caught the flu. From there we learn the importance of insurance. With the Platinum visa card, we can travel with peace of mind as we are protected with complimentary insurance coverage for you and your family. 


You should definitely do your research and pick a credit card that gives you incentives you’d actually find useful; and baiduri platinum offers the best benefits and perks for my travels and lifestyle. Find out more at https://www.baiduri.com.bn/visa/platinum/ or follow them on Instagram @baiduribank for latest updates. 


for classic Visa card, you can click here https://www.baiduri.com.bn/rb_cc_visa_classic.htm