The Rise of the EAST in KLFW Runway

While Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 (link here) was all about the 70s-revival, this year was the ASIAN INVASION. 



Not only was the spotlight taken by the asian models (Shikin, Tini, Rita sisters, Tuti), but designers also incorporated a lot of asian and oriental design elements in their collection, while maintaining a modern aesthetic.


Here are some things that I saw on the runway:


Heritage Redux


Syomir Izwa Gupta and Adila Long took inspiration from home, using their own heritage fabrics in the form of songket and batik. This was a creative way to preserve the culture and history, while modernizing by making it luxe (heritage redux)


Ministry of tourism


This year they dedicated a show on kelantanese batik by presenting works from upcoming designers, as a challenge to modernize the fabric and make it wearable, and they succeeded.


Boho Oriental


There was a flux in oriental details and prints, from the neckline to the split bottoms. Embellishments and tassels were embraced throughout to give dimension and dynamism, what was interesting was that a lot of it still has a bohemian vibe, picking up on a global trend.


Kimono Komeback



The kimono has always been everyone’s favorite asian outerwear. The classic silhouette was seen a lot on stage, but it is inspiring as designers found innovative ways of making it current again, either as an outerwear,  or use it as sleeve details, or  utilising the obi belt


Harajuku Influence


The over-the-top japan-inspired expression has made a huge presence this year (especially in Zsay), not only in clothing, but also in accessories and make up.


That little bit of INDIAN SPICE


One huge thing that I saw a lot is indian inspired design; Mosaic prints, superfluous embellishment, side draping like saris (because one shoulder has become a huge trend internationally) as well as the use of bold tones! 



50 shades of RED


Color that I am most obsessed with this season is prominent on stage! Red has a significance in the chinese culture, as it symbolizes celebration! Why not? Fashion is a celebration! 

What are your favourite trends at KLFW 2017?