Mom n Jo : Little Sanctuary for little ones.

Let’s talk about a new spa in town! Not just any spa, it is a sanctuary for your little ones.

Last weekend, we took our 2 year old Ilyas and 5-month old Ijaz to Mom n Jo for their first spa experience!

Mom n Jo is wellness centre dedicated to expectant mothers, babies and toddlers originated from Indonesia. Treated by experienced therapists who are trained to handle pre and post stages for women as well as methods of stimulating senses in our little ones, which will aid in their growth and development.

Before we started the treatment, the staffs asked for the kids’ medical history as well as checked whether our kids are healthy enough to undergo the treatment. This is to ensure that they are cared for in a safe, healthy and hygienic environment.

We were then allocated to our private room (which family could request), where the session began with a ‘relaxed’ play session with toys provided. Ilyas did not hesitate and just roll the large ball around the room. As they both striped off their clothes, again, Ilyas was overly enthusiastic and decided to take the plunge in the bathtub, while Ijaz was still having fun with his toys.

Let me breakdown the review into two – Toddler and Infant spa experience.


Ilyas opted to be fully-pampered to three treatments : Bubble Bath Time, Kids Massage and Smiley Yummy Face! 

Bubble Bath time

Every kid loves to have fun in a bubble bath and Ilyas was no exception! The treatment not only provides a fun activity, but the essential oil in the bath is also a way of cleanse and nourish his youthful skin.

KIDS Massage

Ilyas’ idea of relaxing is watching cartoons! This lucky kid got to do this while indulging in a massage. Let me tell you, the massage was extremely effective, because our son who is usually a hyperactive monkey got blissed out. Thanks to the skills of the masseuse.

Smiley yummy face

Finally, like every kid's dream, Ilyas had chocolate put all over his face, which is not only safe to eat, but it is supposed to protect his skin from harmful free radicals! Guess what, he got knocked out at the end of this treatment. Bliss!



As a first timer to ease the baby in, the staff recommended 'Lil Swim and Baby Massage.

'Lil Swim 

After a little warm up, Ijaz was put in glass-cube pool. Using the neck float, he was given the freedom to paddle with his chubby arms and legs. This session is popular amongst babies because it promotes motor skills and muscle development. Although his session was cut short because he was not used to the activity, repetition will build his confidence to swim for longer. We wIll be coming back for more! 

Baby Massage

For babies, a massage helps with sleep, relaxation and dealing with colic! During Ijaz's treatment, the masseuse was showing me the basic techniques, as she encourages mom (and dad) to continue massaging your babies at home, because it is one wonderful way to bond. This also reminded me of an article I read previously where baby communicate with the world around them through touch. It makes sense!  

In the future, I would love to try out the Jumpstart Baby for Ijaz! For babies, they go through so many milestones in a year, it would be a great activity for them to encourage a healthy development! 


We have never seen our two boys looked more relaxed! We were also impressed by the tranquil yet fun environment of the spa. So we do recommend checking Mom n Jo out, because it is evident that even kids can benefit from a little spa time!