Melinda Looi, Clothing for a cause.

I have so much respect for Fashion brands with a cause, including Melinda Looi.

Being a socially conscious brand, Emel by Melinda Looi gas been promoting and raising funds for various causes in the past ranging from children with rare diseases to coral reef preservation. This year’s collection is putting spotlight on hunger.


Partnering with BEN’S INDEPENDENT GROCER (B.IG) and THE GOOD SHOP, the hope to collect food and enough funds, where this will provide support and nourish meals to families at Sekolah Kebangsaan Padang Besar Selatan for the entire year of 2018 with food monthly rations, to keep their kids in school.


Melinda Looi, who is known to be an eco-friendly campaigner, expressed that the brand has been trying to find sustainable ways in producing their goods. Not a stranger to using technology for her creations, Melinda Looi has taken advantage of the use of Epson’s digital textile printing. With technology, it gives wide range of flexibility and speed in trying out new print ideas, without the exorbitant cost and labor-intensive ways.

“I believe that technology adds an incredible advantage to apply innovation in the fashion industry. A number of different technologies are currently being experimented with, such as 3D printing. We even have e-textiles nowadays, with circuits built into it.” 


Melinda Looi's eid collection this year features exuberant colours and unique prints, reflecting on the joyous celebration. From geometric lines inspired by ketupat (the weaving of leaves) to flower prints to symbolize compassion, elaborate with Diane tee  and intricate beadings to match the festive season. 

For this Eid, why not make your purchases to where it counts?