Day one of Kuala Lumpur Fashion week 2017 kicks off with Fashionvalet’s #IAMHOMEGROWN show.

It is about celebrating Malaysia’s homegrown talent across multiple industries, from aviation, to food, to fashion, and entertainment. As a non-malaysian it is inspiring to see the nation appreciates its people, and realizes how they have contributed to the country’s identity and economic diversity.

I am very happy that there is a growing appreciation in the Brunei's creative industries by big corporations and with continued support, who knows how far it will take us. 


Let’s get into the fashion show; this was a showcase of the new line of streetwear by Fashionvalet, with the slogan #IAMHOMEGROWN meant to make a statement of Malaysian pride. The show was also presented very well in thanks to Min Luna’s styling of the pieces.

Here are my favorites from her styling:

1. Street Glam


I love how she paired the sequin dress with tights, and what was interesting is how one side was made short, while the other kept the slogan visible. Tying the sweater around Shikin’s waist gave it a sporty vibe.

2. That cool kid 


This has that 90s inspiration, where the shirt was made into a crop top, and the use of metallic pink makes her look a girl you want to hangout with.

3. The Edgy grecian


Finally the edgy grecian look and abit of grunge, where she made use of the lined short skirt to pair the red velvet dress with the long sleeve shirt.

Do take a look at Fashionvalet's #IAMHOMEGROWN collection and up your street style game with a good basic.