Kuala Lumpur Trip

The last time I had a proper holiday in Kuala Lumpur was during our very spontaneous and impromptu honeymoon trip! It was taken 2 days after our wedding, and the planning was made 6 hours before our flight! What an adventure that was! This time, I still consider it to be one heck of a spontaneous family vacation, as we only decided a week prior. 

What I usually look forward to in KL is the shopping without breaking the bank. However, it was different with this one. This trip turned out to be another awakening for me. Since my growing appreciation with fashion, I now recognise the value of the fashion culture and lifestyle of KL, especially the women! (More on that in future post)

Unfortunately I made the mistake of not documenting what I observed and experienced in KL, and foolishly spent more time on my lookbook. Twas such a missed opportunity honestly. Lesson learned for future trips! 

Without wasting the effort of my instagram husband, this post will be dedicated to that time and energy spend on getting this lookbook presentable. 


On the first day, my original getup didn't survive due to the rain. Fortunately, I enjoy changing to a new one.


I always dream of a white christmas.. ensemble... Since it is a season to be jolly, I pair it with joyous color of green and red. 


I was in Kuala Lumpur and why not donned the KL dUCkscarves. Better yet, do the cliche and take ootd with the twin tower. 


The day we moved to Damansara. I kept it modern and chic like the city living of Damansara. 


A mini commemoration to FashionValet and Poplook's triumphant collaboration