KLFW 2017 : Day Two Favourites

The madness has started! Izzy and I had a full day on day two, and a crazy thing has happened to me! I lost my voice! I felt gutted about it honestly, but at least I still have pair of good eyes to appreciate the beauties strutting down the runway. Phew #counteveryblessing! 

Day two was filled with interesting and quirky pieces and it was a huge struggle to pick favourites! Here is part one of what I like.


Suraya really knows how to do minimalistic design while being impactful. These are staple pieces that still turn heads. I can imagine wearing them on my next travel! 


JN by Jiuan Ng

Jiuan is all about the classic look, but always taking it to the next level, and this year she was more brave in using color and texture in her collection


Zaime Zulkafli

There are a lot of things going in with his designs, but it all ended up being a fun and very innovative collection.


3 by Justin / Syomir and Nurita

A collaborative effort between Justin Yap, Syomir Izwa Gupta, and Nurita Harith. As shown in Project Runway, teamwork can make or break a collection, and in this case, the collaboration between the 3 designers made for an extraordinary collection.


Nabil Volkers

He makes street wear very high end, and makes me even more fascinated with hip hop culture.


Laguna Sydney

He knows how to do resort wear, but at the same time, knows how to mix textures, from lace, to fringe, to sequins. It was also fun to see the transition of colors in his collection as well.