Malaysia Tourism: Kiehl's Wall Mural in Malacca

Whether you’re looking for street art or an OOTD wall, this vibrant painted mural must be part of your collection!


As a celebration of Malaysia’s rich heritage, Kiehl’s actually made their own mural in Jonker Street, with the help of an artist named @fritilldea. The brand launched the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE TRAIL last year aimed to bring awareness on the 5 UNESCO world heritage sites in the country. 


Malacca, known for its historical splendor and rich multicultural society, is part of the five sites. The city had started this river art project as a way to beautify the city, and yet still maintains their old-world charm.


So, they add brightly painted mural on old and rundown buildings to eventually make the place as a trend-setting destination. 



The Kiehl wall is exotic, vibrant and cultural and for sure add a relaxing vibe to the Malacca river! The landmark exist to showcase a significant storyline between the past and the present. This sure is an inspiration to what our country should be striving for. 



As for my outfit of the day, I made sure I add a pop of color to contrast with the location! Yellow also symbolizes my beloved country, Brunei!