The Fashion Scene: Introducing Lipstickmyname and JeeraDoesFashion

The Fashion Scene channel is a brand new youtube channel hoping to produce videos sharing content from local fashion influencers as well as those abroad. 

Here is the first video of me and Brunei's Fashion powerhouse, Nabeela Fadzil of Lipstickmyname, where we talked about our personal views on Fashion and style. The video was made by my own personal photographer, videographer (and sometime husband), Izzy Osman. Despite the thunderous rain that was happening, he did a fantastic job with the production, and went way above than what we were planning to do.  

Honestly, vlogging was not something I dare to venture into previously, because I was really scared of being vulnerable to the world. However, I am very thankful to Nabeela and Izzy for the encouragement, as I absolutely enjoyed the whole experience, and all that fears are all in head.  

Hopefully there will be more to come. If you're interested in being on this show, or have any comments/ideas, you can get in touch with me or Nabeela.