Challenge Stereotypes : A mother with an 'unconventional' career

Challenge Stereotypes : A mother with an 'unconventional' career

I remember being on the street of Kuala Lumpur and at that moment I was overcome with immense negative emotion; guilt, frustration, selfishness and homesickness, being away from my children while trying to pursue my passion. Bare in mind, this is only for two days.

When you become a mother, people will tell you that you should just find a stable job to financial support you kids. However, we live in a world where stable jobs are becoming a thing of the past!


Prominent leaders and the media have been encouraging us to be more entrepreneurial and create our own opportunities. I have been lucky enough to find my passion. Fashion has shown itself to have a lot of depth and in my opinion, it could potentially be one of the industries to diversify our local economy.

For some reason, pursuing an unconventional career suddenly makes woman a poor mother. Why is the expectation that when you become a mother, you should be less hungry for success or less motivated to achieve career goals.


It doesn’t matter that I spend sleepless night in ensuring that my children are taken care of the next day.

It doesn’t matter that I sneak out from a meeting to be able to pump milk for my baby.

It doesn’t matter that I sacrifice my own time to cater to their needs.

If a man were to do this, suddenly we say, he is only trying to find rezeki for his family.


Being a mom is not a sign that you need to sacrifice your dream! It just means that you need to start balancing your life, be resilient and diligent. Know that, the more you try, the stronger you will be, and to your kids’ eye, you are an inspiration!


In the spirit of International Women’s day 2017, be bold for a change and challenge stereotypes.


In my follow up blog post, I will be talking about my involvement in Naforrer’s #nformation and how the project with other influencers is meant to empower women!