Lookbook | Dystopian Princess

Reading is one of my favourite past times, and genre that I am currently obsessed with is dystopian fantasy. This is how i'd imagine how the heroine would dress herself, but more utilitarian. 

When I saw Kozo's riley pants, I knew I had to get it. The edgy cut design on the pants sold me. It gives this cool and modern vibe. As it moves, it create dynamic. suited and reflect for those with the fast-paced lifestyle.

Kozo seeks to bring structure amidst our chaotic modern life.  Do check out more of their minimalistic and timeless pieces! 

As an addeddum, the idea of dystopia  is quite relevant to current political issues. As some vying for power promise a utopia by eliminating 'problematic' minorities, what is completely missed out is that it takes all sorts of people to make something perfectly imperfect. 

To create this dynamic look, I pair it with @theduckgroup fluff dUCk and a black flowy top from an unknown vendor.