City girl at heart

What does it take to be a city girl? 

is it simply a girl who lives in a crowded urban area? Or is it a girl with confidence, independence and who thrives in the hustle and bustle?


I used to be a girl who studied Statistics in York, but frequently made trips to London, so much so that I would say most of my time studying was spent there. I began to be enamoured with the city, and really felt like I was at home with that busy lifestyle. 

It was exciting, a sprawling environment with new adventures around every corner, new places and meeting new people of various ethnicities and backgrounds. Museums and exhibitions whet my appetite for embracing this varied culture.


How about the hectic part of living in the city? You basically 'waste' a lot of your time waiting in line at congested public transport. You start to learn to manage your time and resources effectively, and multitask like a boss. You can't help but become a more productive individual. 

 Independence is key; with few people to help you out in a new environment, you have to rely much more on yourself and your own ingenuity.

On the flip side, not everyone in the city is polite. Many will succumb to their temper without hesitation, and a few will even expressed outrightly of their displeasure of you and what you represent. How about those intolerant of your race or religion? You slowly begin to grow thicker skin and build a sense of confidence of who you are; you don't have time to lose sleep over what people may say.


Being back home is a far cry from that sleepless city, but I am grateful to have gained my character from my time there...

For now I want to keep that city girl close to my heart.