How to pack for hot vaycay in the city.

My husband and I just came back from a spectacular trip to Malacca, and we really enjoyed wandering around and getting lost in its winding roads, exploring and immersing ourselves in the local culture and history.

Packing for travel is always a struggle though, and of course at these amazing locations we want to be able to capture the moments and look our best. On top of wanting to look stylish, we needed to stay cool and comfortable in heat.

So here are some easy tips and tricks in looking chic and instagram ready for your next getaway!



 Pack your headwear

To keep the sun off your face! Fedoras, headwraps, caps and full-brim hats are the perfect prop for your instragram shot while keeping you cool and avoiding heat stroke.

In my case, I opted for a turban rather than my usual hijab, so that I don’t get overheated.



Sunglasses are a necessity to protect your eyes from the sun, AND you don’t have to worry so much about your makeup throughout the day. WIN!


Wear loose and lightweight outfit

This gives your skin room to breath, and the flowiness can work in your favor for your photos.


Wear prints or colours

You may want to wear something that stands out against the breathtaking views and monuments while on your holiday. 


Comfortable shoes are your friends

From the airport to the city, you’ll be on your feet. You need to wear appropriate shoes such as sneakers, loafers or riding boots. So no stilettos.

Although for a fun-sized person like me, I went for block-heel boots that aren’t too high; these have been my travel companion since our Japan trip last year.

Do you have any other tips in smart packing and outfit ideas for hot weather?






Serenity is not freedom from the storm, but peace amidst the storm. ~unknown

The holy month of Ramadhan is here! It is blessed month that serves as a golden opportunity for Muslims to cultivate ourselves with good manners and to strengthening our relationship with our Creator. 

One of the effective ways for me is by reciting the Al-Quran and reflecting upon its meaning. Recently, I sought some serenity in my chaotic life, and why is it so important to me?

It is like finding peace and tranquility within us, so we don't only look at the circumstances and difficulties in life and despair.


As we build our relationship to Allah, we began to believe in His promises  which make us persevere with patience when faced with the most unimaginable tests. I, for one, have slowly built genuine acceptance  of everything in my life including  my past, my present, my circumstances  and my destiny. 

Say, “my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my death are for Allah, the Lord of mankind (Quran 6: 162)

 When we act purely for Allah, we are free from longing for any recognition or approval from anyone else.

How do you observe your Ramadhan, my Muslim readers? 

Lookbook | Resurrection

Earth awaken to life again followed by death, as dried out pieces of wood blossom to its vibrant greenery and succulent fruit. They have not grown identical to what was previously there, but with more beauty and strength. 

Something to get inspired by as we are faced with failures..  

The Holy Quran also likens the resurrection to the revival of earth, as well as rising of all the dead on the day of judgement. 

Among His signs is that you see the earth dry and barren; and when We send down rain on it, it stirs to life and swells. Surely God Who gives the dead earth life will raise the dead also to life. Indeed, He has power over all things. (Quran 41:39)
The frightening part of resurrection. But God has also reminded us of the splendor....
Oh Mankind! If you are in doubt concerning the Resurrection, (consider that) We created you of dust, then of semen, then of a fertilized ovum suspended on the wall of the womb, then of a lump of flesh shaped and unshaped, so that We demonstrate to you Our power. (Quran 22:5)