All-White High Tea with TudungPeople

All-White High Tea with TudungPeople

What a birthday treat it was to have been invited and to attend TudungPeople's exclusive preview of their limited edition Eid 2016 collection! I was on the fence initially about whether to go or not, but in the end i decided, why not? This is the reason why i got really interested in fashion, to get to know the people behind the beautiful works of art that we get to put on every day. Thanks husband for encouraging me.

The high tea was held at Greenhouse by Muir, a very cool (as the name hints) glass building with wooden, minimalist interiors, on the top floor, an open space dining area with beautiful light coming through the glass roofing. It gave off a very modern, informal dining experience.

As we arrived at the event, my breath was taken away by the beautiful decoration, which takes me back to my 3 week getaway in Japan, with sakura flowers being strewn across the dining tables, as well as on the prints of the new collection, which was strategically displayed around the room.

Honestly, I felt a little intimidated going to the event, because there were SO many influencers and fashion enthusiasts, however, after getting to know some of them, they're just people who share the same passion as me, and were so inspiring to talk to. We sat across from Naby, one of the faces of Tudongpeople (and an extremely talented MUA/singer/model/architect/ALLTHETHINGS!!!), and Fuzana (a newly-wed wedding dress designer), who were so interesting to talk to, and gave some good advice on life. We also got to talk to brother & sister combo Fazly (head of TP international), and Fazrena (designer and co owner), and its great to see people like them taking the next step in their business.

It was great to see Bash with her awesome supportive mom, and wished my girls, Nabeela and Zahra, could've made it for the event and joined in the fun.

It was at this point that Fazrena gave a demonstration on how to wear the collection, and also an insight into the inspiration behind the designs. The sakura, only in bloom for a week in a year, is nature's representation of exclusivity, and the peonies (which will be released after Raya), is an elegant and simple flower, which is what Tudongpeople as a brand represents. It was moving to hear her belief that every woman is beautiful in their own unique way, and that beauty should be effortless, in that we accept ourselves for who we are. BTW, she also made mention that some of the pieces are square, to cater for her Brunei customers (thank you!!!).

Not only did we get to see the collection, but we also got treated to free customised all-natural, organic, scrubs by FAWN. My skin is grateful! Some of the fashionistas were also having fun, with a flat-lay competition, which I was too afraid to participate in because everyone else was so good!!! 

As the emcee Syakirin Husnal repeatedly reminded us, the collection will be available to pre-order starting 28th May (tomorrow!!!), and for Bruneian customers, a limited selection of the pieces will be available to purchase at the TudungPeople Brunei booth, at the KLIHF event, on the 3rd of June. For more details, check out the Brunei instagram account @tudungpeoplebrunei.

Thank you to Fazrena for having us at the event, I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

Love, A.