70s revival at KL Fashion Week


The 70s are definitely making a huge comeback, as the disco-vibe, bohemian chic, retro-inspired clothing, vibrant prints and flares were littered across the runway of KLFW. What was fascinating to me was how designers revived this so-called dated style and innovated on them to present their own and modern-day aesthetics.  Here is the list of noteworthy designs  from the show taken inspiration from that era:


Mirror mosaic by Tsyahmi



An outstanding piece from his collection was the leather jacket sewn with mirror shards. This was brilliantly paired with a sheer gown, that also sparkles as it moves, reminiscent of disco ball reflections.


Painterly print by DD Collective



Vibrant print is one of the biggest themes during the event, however DD collective’s abstract brush stroke print took the cake; you may not notice the relation to the psychedelic colours of the 70s because the minimalistic presentation, and many of his pieces were mixed with luxurious lace.


Swishy, flow flares by almost every designers



This trend has been making its presence for quite a while (as mentioned in my video with Nabeela of Lipstickmyname.com), and it is grew strong during KLFW. Many designers incorporated bell sleeves, structured wide legged jumpsuits, bell bottom pants, and flared hemlines.


THE Cold shoulder.



Taking cue from what is trendy in the market, The off-the shoulder silhouette had graced us on the runway in every show, From the sensuous glam of Nurita Harith to the grunge of James Hock. The style lends some edginess to the pieces with fresher and interesting shapes and modern fits. 


Pleats please! by SyomirizwaGupta



Pleats are in! However one talented designer gave a fresh approach to this element. It was very difficult to pick a favourite from Syomirizwa Gupta’s vibrant collection, however the printed pleated pieces looked perfect for dancing under the stars, as the print moves and is cut against the pleats, genius!


Neon athleisure by Zery Zamary



Zery Zamary has seamlessly blended the neon vibe of the disco with modern athleisure, making it relevant again, with todays’ need of comfortable yet fashion forward looks for the busy lifestyle. (My husband really missed out on the neon pink jacket!)


My two-cents:


You may not feel it, but the 70s had a huge impact on society that can even be seen today, in more ways than just fashion. It was an era for huge social changes; women’s liberation led to today’s view of feminism, social activism lead to increased awareness of the environment and today’s ethical fashion, it was also the time where people felt free to express their individuality (whether under the influence or not). It was also the time of early technological advancement such as with computers, which has grown (or shrunk) to become an essential part of modern day life through smart devices and social media.

You may not have seen the 70s at a glance of KLFW, but it is definitely proven that the 70s has made a huge influence on today’s development of fashion, as in any other medium.